About 10 years ago, I lived in a second story walk up apartment. It was my first place , and although it wasn't the greatest , it was all mine. I was just around 19 years old & had had the place for two years. I was bartending and making good money and knew all the other bartenders. During that time I had come to grips with my sexuality and had been traveling to Baltimore to attend the after hours clubs in search of excitement, a good joint, and perhaps some romance. Since I knew what to order and how to behave, I rarely got carded. One Saturday night me and a cool straight buddy decided to head down to B-more and see what kind of trouble we could get into. After several clubs, beers, and a smoke or two, we decided to head home early. At the time I was in between real jobs and I was working temporarily at a local minit market. (You know the kind, they work you to death for minimum wage, and expect you to thank them for the opportunity.) In fact, this is where I had met my new friend. We both were scheduled to work the next day at 10:00 AM and knew we would both be hung over. Anyhow, by the time we reached our town, I had to piss real bad, and I needed a pack of smokes. I knew that my buddy would head on home and I never had any thoughts of us messing around. So, I pulled into a 24 hour convenience store about 3 blocks from my apartment. The same chain that I worked for currently. It was around 3:30 AM and I thought the place would be deserted. In I sauntered, and who should I run into, but one of the jocks I had went to high school with two years ago. It was obvious that he was pretty drunk. I was definitely not feeling any pain either, and the strangeness of the situation gave me the courage to walk straight up to him and say hi. He was tall, thin, with a good build, and that rugged manly sorta swagger, young jocks usually have. Now, in school, I wouldn't have classified myself as a nerd or an undesirable, but I was known to be different and rumored to be gay. Not to mention, that I was from the better part of town and considered one of the "rich" kids. Back in school, I actually cared what others thought about things like that and I went through high school only messing around on a semi regular basis with about three different boys, although never with all of them together. I desperately didn't want to be labeled queer and our experiences were clandestine "truth or dare" games in the basements during sleep overs. I knew I liked boys from the first time Dan, my best friend, and I had sucked each other off in my parent's basement. Well, Dave, (that's his name) seemed genuinely surprised and greeted me just as warmly. We both laughed at the realization that we were both pretty blitzed. He asked me where I was headed and I said I was cruisin' back home from a night at the clubs and had planned to smoke a jay. I knew in the back of my mind that not too many guys would turn down a hit on a joint and when they get both drunk and stoned, you can usually talk them into fooling around a little. I had not seen anything all night that got my bone hard, but the realization that perhaps I could mess around with this former jack off fantasy got my mind reeling. He heartily agreed to my offer and I told him to follow us to my house. I got back into my car and i







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